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Solicitation Notice: International Proposals for the “Autumn Rains in the Persimmon Grove” Ecological Green Corridor in Xiuzhou District






Sponsor: Jiaxing Xiuzhou District People’s Government

Lead Organizer: Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Co-Organizers: Xincheng Town People’s Government, Xincheng Sub-District Office, Jiaxing National High-tech Zone (Gaozhao Sub-District Office)

Advisory Bodies: Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Education and Sports Bureau, Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Transportation Bureau, Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Agriculture, Rural and Water Resources Bureau, Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Jiaxing Xiuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Jiaxing Ecological Environment Bureau Xiuzhou Branch

Technical Support: Jiaxing Institute of Land and Space Planning Co., Ltd.



Under the strategic opportunity of “westward expansion and shifting of the urban center”, Xiuzhou District has embarked on a new journey of integrated ecological green development, with the goal of creating a city that embodies modern aviation and green innovation. The Xinchengtang River Ecological Greenway, acting as a picturesque “gateway” to this ecological westward expansion, requires a strategic blueprint that fully captures the serene waters, the profound cultural heritage, and the evocative imagery of “Autumn Rains in the Persimmon Forest”. This proposal centers on the Xinchengtang River, one of Jiaxing’s nine principal water systems, with the vision of crafting an ecological green corridor that is verdant year-round and brimming with seasonal beauty.


The Xinchengtang River Ecological Greenway connects the Grand Canal, which flows through the downtown area of Jiaxing city, to Xincheng, an ancient town dating back a millennium. Nestled along the banks of the Xinchengtang River, the mother river of Jiaxing, this greenway unfurls a tapestry of natural splendor, including expansive fields of blooming flowers, vast tracts of fertile farmland, and pristine forest enclaves. The Xiuhu Lake Ecological Park, a verdant oasis at the nexus of the city’s technological innovation hub, is cradled by three principal waterways, including the historic Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Encompassing a sprawling 4,000-plus mu of wedge-shaped green space and over 2,000 mu of lush ecological wetlands, the park is characterized by its pristine, green environs and a rich, diverse botanical tapestry.


To enhance the landscape and ecological qualities of the Xinchengtang River Ecological Greenway and the Xiuhu Lake Ecological Park, a proposal solicitation has been initiated. This solicitation aims to incorporate internationally renowned design wisdom and align it with the development strategy of Xiuzhou District’s ecological westward expansion.


2.1 征集范围

2.1 Solicitation scope


The scope of this proposal solicitation includes both conceptual design and detailed design along the banks of the Xinchengtang River.

2.1.1 概念设计范围:新塍塘沿线两岸,蓬莱路(蓬莱公园)——聚贤路(秀清公园),长度约为8.8公里。总面积约为344公顷,其中水域面积约105公顷,其他面积约239公顷。还需要对新塍塘面宽500米范围内考虑绿道的环通性。

2.1.1 The conceptual design scope encompasses both banks along Xinchengtang River, spanning approximately 8.8 kilometers from Penglai Road (Penglai Park) to Juxian Road (Xiuqing Park). The total area measures about 344 hectares, comprising roughly 105 hectares of water surface and an additional 239 hectares of land. It is also necessary to consider the connectivity of the greenway within a 500-meter width of the Xinchengtang River.



Diagram 1:The Scope of Concept Design

2.1.2 详细设计范围,具体包括三个示范节点。

2.1.2 The detailed design scope encompasses three specific demonstration nodes.


Demonstration Node 1 is situated in Xiuhu Lake Ecological Park and has a total area of approximately 107.3 hectares, including a water surface area of about 52 hectares and a land area of approximately 55.3 hectares.


Demonstration Node 2 extends from Xinchengtang River Bridge in the west to Dongsheng Bridge in the east, covering a total length of approximately 3.2 kilometers and a total area of about 31.9 hectares along the south bank of Xinchengtang River.


Demonstration Node 3 spans from Wujiaqiao Port in the west to Xinchengtang River Bridge in the east, following a unified design along the southern bank, encompassing a total length of approximately 1.24 kilometers and a total area of about 13.9 hectares.



Diagram 2: Range of the detailed Design for Demonstration Nodes

2.2 征集内容

2.2 Solicitation content

2.2.1 概念设计内容:明确概念设计愿景、定位和目标,提出兼具创造性和可实施性的方案。设计内容应包括但不限于景观塑造、生态保护、公共空间、水陆游线等方面,以及必要的支持系统设计。设计方案要体现智慧化、数字化、生态化。

2.2.1 Conceptual design content: The conceptual design should clearly articulate the vision, positioning, and objectives, proposing solutions that are both creative and feasible. The design content should include but not be limited to landscape shaping, ecological preservation, public spaces, waterfront spaces, and essential support systems. The design scheme should demonstrate a focus on digitization, intelligent solutions, and ecological considerations.

2.2.2 详细设计内容:对三个示范节点的滨水空间进行系统性的景观提升、设施完善设计,提出重要节点的形象方案,为下一步的工程设计提供指引。

2.2.2 Detailed design content: Systematic landscape enhancement and facility improvement designs are required for the waterfront spaces of the three demonstration nodes along the Xinchengtang River. Image schemes for key nodes should be developed to guide the subsequent phase of engineering design.


3.1 应征人应为合法注册的法人实体或由合法注册的法人实体组成的项目联合体(成员机构不得超过2家),联合体牵头单位应为境内设计机构。

3.1 Applicants shall be legally registered entities or project consortia consisting of legally registered entities (with a maximum of two member organizations), and the lead unit of the consortium shall be a domestic design institution.

3.2 应征人应具有承担城市规划设计和景观设计项目的相关资格。

3.2 Applicants shall possess the necessary qualifications to carry out urban planning and landscape design projects.

3.2.1 境内设计单位须同时具有国家城乡规划甲级资质和风景园林工程设计专项甲级及以上资质;

3.2.1 Domestic design units must hold a Grade A qualification in national urban and rural planning, as well as a Grade A or higher qualification for specialized landscape architecture engineering design.

3.2.2 境外设计单位须具有相应资质,并与境内设计单位组成联合体共同投标,不接受境外机构独立投标。中华人民共和国境外的设计机构须依本国或本地区的管理规定具有景观设计或建筑设计的执业许可或经营许可。港澳台设计机构的资格要求参照境外设计机构资格要求的规定。

3.2.2 Foreign design entities must possess the appropriate qualifications and form a consortium with domestic design units to submit joint bids. Independent bidding by foreign institutions is not accepted. Foreign design agencies within the People's Republic of China must have professional or operational licenses for landscape design or architectural design in accordance with the regulations of their country or region. Eligibility requirements for design agencies in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan are subject to the provisions regarding qualifications for foreign design agencies.

3.2.3 设计团队须具有同类相关规划及景观设计业绩相关案例,团队人员须包含规划、景观、交通、市政桥梁、给排水等专业,各专业人员须具有最高级别的注册资质或相应资质。

3.2.3 The design team must have a proven track record in related planning and landscape design projects. Team members must encompass expertise in planning, landscape architecture, transportation, municipal bridges, water engineering, and other relevant fields, each holding the highest level of professional licenses or equivalent qualifications.

3.2.4 项目负责人及主创设计师应为国内外知名景观、规划设计师及知名设计奖项得主等,具有丰富的大型城市滨水公园、城市公园设计、景观设计经验和案例。项目负责人须亲自主持设计工作,参加现场踏勘、中期交流会、评审会的汇报等工作(项目负责人需出具承诺函)。

3.2.4 The project leader and the chief designer should be renowned landscape and planning designers both domestically and internationally, as well as recipients of prestigious design awards, boasting extensive experience and a portfolio of landscape projects, including large-scale urban waterfront parks and urban park designs. The project leader must oversee the design process firsthand, actively engaging in on-site inspections, mid-term exchange meetings, and presentations at review sessions (a commitment letter from the project leader is required).


4.1 奖金设置

4.1 Bonus settings


This project will select 5 renowned domestic and international design firms to carry out the design. Upon approval by the review committee that they meet the requirements of the design brief, they will receive award payments.




First Prize: 1 winner, receiving a cash prize of 600,000 RMB (pre-tax) along with an additional 300,000 RMB (pre-tax) for scheme deepening and integration;

Second Prize: 2 winners, each awarded a cash prize of 300,000 RMB (pre-tax);

Third Prize: 2 winners, each granted a cash prize of 200,000 RMB (pre-tax).


(Note: If, due to special reasons, the first prize winner cannot complete the subsequent detailed design and integration work, with the consent of the organizer, the next-ranked design unit can be commissioned to complete the subsequent detailed design and integration work, and the corresponding service fees for deepening and integrating the schemes will be paid to the involved design unit accordingly.)

4.2 奖金支付

4.2 Bonus payment

4.2.1 设计机构以设计联合体名义参加竞赛活动的,主办方将只与联合体的牵头方联系和结算。境外设计机构若无法使用该机构帐户收取人民币的,可授权境内合法独立法人代收款项。

4.2.1 If a design agency participates in the competition in the name of a design consortium, the organizer will only contact and settle the settlement with the lead party of the consortium. If an overseas design agency cannot use the agency’s account to collect RMB, it may authorize a domestic legal independent legal person to collect payments on its behalf.

4.2.2 如主办方或评审委员会认为设计机构(联合体)提交的成果文件未达到约定的设计工作深度及成果要求的,主办方可相应支付部分或不支付其方案征集费用。

4.2.2 If the organizer or the review committee believes that the result file submitted by the design agency (consortium) does not meet the agreed design work depth and result requirements, the organizer may pay part of its proposal solicitation fee or not.

4.2.3 本次方案征集费用均以人民币支付,由所获费用等产生的任何税费均由设计机构(联合体)自理。设计机构(联合体)参加本次方案征集活动的所有费用(含差旅食宿费)均自行承担。

4.2.3 The collection fees of this proposal are all paid in RMB, and any taxes and fees arising from the fees received will be borne by the design agency (consortium). The design agency (consortium) shall bear all expenses (including travel, board and lodging expenses) for participating in this program solicitation activity.


2024年5月17日         正式发布公告

2024年5月27日17:00    报名截止

2024年5月30日         资格预审,确定5家入围设计团队

2024年6月3日          项目设计启动会、现场踏勘

2024年6月20日         中期交流

2024年7月20日前       提交设计方案,举行终期评审会


May 17, 2024:   Announcement released

May 27, 2024, 5:00 pm:   Registration deadline

May 30, 2024:   Pre-qualification, 5 shortlisted design teams determined

June 3, 2024:   Release conference and Site survey

June 20, 2024:   Mid-term exchange

By July 20, 2024: Submit the design plan and hold the final review meeting.

Note: All the above times are in Beijing time, and the organization shall reserve the right to adjust the schedule.






archrace: https://www.archrace.com/

ABBS Building Forum: http://www.abbs.com.cn/

Gooood Design Network: https://www.gooood.cn/

Jiaxing Xiuzhou District People's Government: http://www.xiuzhou.gov.cn/



Please submit the pre-qualification documents in person, sealed, by 17:00 on May 27, 2024 (Beijing time) to 306 Hongxing Road, Xinjia Street, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province ( Jiaxing Institute of Land and Space Planning).



The pre-qualification documents should comprise hard copies and electronic copies, with one original and one duplicate for the hard copies. The electronic copies must encompass all the content of the pre-qualification documents and match the hard copies. 

Please scan the QR code to access the pre-qualification documents.



(提取码/Extraction code:i3co)



8.1 电话咨询

8.1 Consultation and Answering Questions

咨询时间:北京时间周一至周五 9:00-11:30,14:00-17:00

Time:Beijing Time Monday to Friday 9:00 -11:30, 14:00 - 17:00


Contact: Miss XU



8.2 邮件答疑

8.2 Email Answering


The applicants shall raise questions to the host in the form of email before 12: 00 on May 22, 2024. 


E-mail: jxsgtkj@163.com。


 All inquiries must be submitted in written form via email to the designated contact person listed above. It is imperative to verify with the contact person that they have indeed received the email in question. Please note that any oral inquiries will not be considered for response.



Applicants’ submission of the “Application Documents” for pre-qualification review shall be considered as acceptance of the following intellectual property terms.

9.1 主办方对参加方案征集的各应征人所提交的所有设计方案及成果文件拥有无偿使用权和处置权。

9.1 The organizing entity retains the rights to utilize and manage all design proposals and deliverables submitted by participating candidates, free of charge.

9.2 所有设计成果在评审后不退回设计机构。设计机构均不得将设计方案用于本项目以外的任何项目。

9.2 Following the review, all design deliverables will not be returned to the design agencies. These agencies are prohibited from using the design proposals for any projects unrelated to the current one.



1. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the event schedule and holds the final interpretation authority for this proposal solicitation activity.


2. Applicants must bring their own interpreters for on-site technical exchanges, Q&A sessions, and expert review meetings.


3. The design agency (consortium) must ensure that its project leader and key design personnel are always involved in the design work (unless they are unable to enter the country due to visa issues or other reasons). If the project leader or lead designer cannot personally participate and present the results, their design agency (consortium) will be disqualified from the design competition. For foreign design agencies or consortia including foreign members, it is essential to guarantee the attendance of the project leader or chief creative designer from the foreign organization at site visits, Q&A sessions, presentations, and result evaluations.


4. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the solicitation process at any time before issuing the notification of shortlisting and is not obligated to compensate the solicitors for any expenses incurred.


5. Once the shortlisted units are confirmed, the organizer will not provide explanations for the reasons why unsuccessful applicants did not win.


6. Unsuccessful applicants shall not inquire about the evaluation process or materials from the evaluation committee or other relevant individuals.


7. The organizer reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the solicitation and related documents, with Chinese as the official language for interpretation.


8. Applicants participating in this solicitation, upon successful registration, are deemed to accept all the terms and conditions of this solicitation.




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