archrace是什么?/ What is archrace ?


archrace was born in 2014, initially we defined archrace as a media focused on design competitions. However, in the past five years, the explosion of new media in China has brought about various trends and phenomenon, which make us realize that we are not like or should not be a "media", and we are very self-disciplined and maintain the boundary with the media. Today we would like to define archrace as a tool, a tool for designers to discover opportunities, show themselves, broaden their horizons and communicate with each other in a friendly way. Although contrary to the original intention, we firmly believe that this is a more valuable direction.

archrace有什么?/ What does archrace have?


After years of experience and editing standards, you can see the competition information carefully selected by us in archrace. In the future, there will be more competition proposal submissions and project submissions from designers, as well as the content produced by our own team, all of which are worth your time to discover. If you want to maintain a closer relationship with archrace, pay attention to the Wechat public number of archrace.

archrace为了什么?/ What is archrace for?


As archrace was defined at the beginning of establishment, we hoped archrace could hold the responsibility of providing a friendly working environment to designers. However, We need to face the importance of practicality and do ability instead of saving huge objectives. We could say that the next step of operating archrace is " we do what we can, we choose what we think is good. "




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